viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Security Grand Challenge

Kenneth Geers

“Cyber is the perfect tool to cut critical communications at the right moment in time.”

“Wikileak is the new pen, stuxnet the new sword.”

“The lifetime of a secret is shorter than ever. Information itself is a weapon.”

“Stuxnet show that cyberattacks can do real physical damage.”

“Wide variety of robots are being used for warfare.”

“Everything in a regular army have it's correlation in cyberwarfare.”
  • Combat engineer = software developer, etc
  • Infantry = network penetrator
  • Weapons = information
  • HUMINT = social engineer
  • Intelligence = intelligence
  • Special forces = special forces
  • Tents = clients, Servers
“If you are targeted by a professional organization, you are done. They will get in your systems and personal information.”

“Now cybewar is more cyber-spionage.”

Dr. Scott Sherman

“All the people around me study AI (Artificial Intelligence”, I study NS (natural stupidity).

“Often times education leads to catastrophes.”

“A person with 100IQ today would be considered a genius in 1985.”

lunes, 25 de junio de 2012

Setup for innovation and social entrepreneurship (by Sushmita Ghosh, Ashoka)

"Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity"

"Concentrate on bigness. If you can't do bigness, you can't do systems and if you can't do systems, you can't have change"

"Three options: being engulfed by the wave, irde the wave or create the waves of innovations"

"Big changes requieres framework to give place to change-makers"

"Are you allowing innovation for all?"

"You can be whatever, but certainly in a given setting you became an innovator"

"Resilience is the hallmark of an entrepreneur."

Digital biology - Life under Moore's law (by Raymond McCauley)

"Data DNA sequencing broke down because it cannot process the flow of data that it was receiving"

"Looks cute, sequence it. Tastes good, sequence it"

"They are backing up the biodiversity of china"

"150.000X improvement in DNA sequencing over 12 years"

"In 2014 will be the same price to sequence a genome as to get chest X-Ray, in 2016 it will be cheaper than buying a pizza. By 2020 it will be about a 1 cent"

"DNA sequencing technology is improved between 5-10X a year"

"Informatics is the bottleneck for improving the DNA sequencing"

"Brilliants minds are sometime brilliant wrong"

"More tools in more hands, we will see more breakthroughs"

Global Grand Challenge Presentation

“Bad water kills more children than war”, Rachel Kalmar – Health Teaching Fellow

“Power consuption grows exponentially”, Mark Ricklick – Energy Teaching Fellow

“The number of people in india without access to electricity is larger than the population of US”, Patric Hoffman – Environment Teaching Fellow

“A hungry man is an angry man”, Bob Marley (via Nick Haan – Food Teaching Fellow)

Takes 3 liters to produce a liter of mineral water “, Mona - Water Teaching Fellow

Those would you give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety”, Benjamin Franklin (via Karen Elazari – Security Teaching Fellow)

“Pooverty is,actually, about the distribution of the abundance”, Eric James – Pooverty Teaching Fellow

And the always present: "AI is easy, AV is hard".

miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012

Notes from Space

Creating a Multi-planetary Civilization (Bob Richards)

"It's important to be a multi-planet species. Occasionally, something bad happens. Just ask the dinosaurs"

"Moon can be the 8th continent the size of the americas, largeley unexplored, full of resources and opportunities"

"Terraforming may not be the answer... maybe we need to make humans more Mars-like."

"The cafe on the moon will have great food, but no atmosphere"

"If no other form of life exist in the galaxy, what a tremendous waste of space”

"It's not just about taking bold steps off the planet, it's about boldly staying."

"Big returns may come in 15 - 20 years following the mining of water on the moon. (Water is the base for rocket fuel - hydrogen)"

"There’s a false perception that a lot of money is spent on space. Space exploration is an investment."

Eric Ries - The Lean Startup Movement

"Opposite to success is indifference"

"When you don't know what you don't know, the best thing is to experiment rapidly."

"Every idea has to begin somewhere"

"The beginning looks the same whether you're having a big impact or not."

"Don't lose time in the technology, deliver fast"

Getting yelled at by customers is a GREAT outcome."

"If you're not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you waited too long (you'll be anyway)"
"Soft cultural factors like tolerance for failure (...) is important for entrepreneurial growth"

"Goal shouldn't be to get as many customers as possible. It should be to get few as necessary to learn XYZ."

"We love complexity because it creates an intellectual challenge, simplicity always beats complexity"

"If something can be empirically known, why waste your time speculating about it?"

"The more diversity you have, the more likely you'll succeed"

"Behind every successful idea, there was the 1st person who agreed to change their behavior. Find that person"

"Anything that increases the cost of failure decreases the amount of entrepreneurship."

"Take idea 5 on your list, and try to get someone to steal it. This will cure you of your fear of idea theft"

martes, 19 de junio de 2012

Quotes from the "Meeting with founders" session:

Peter Diamandis

"We are living in a time that's very unique: world's biggest problems are the world's biggest market opportunities (solve a problem, become a millionaire)"

"Change the way you think about the world"

"Nowadays individuals can play at the level that only corporations and nations could play in the past thanks to exponential technology"

"Anythingh before being a breakthrough is a crazy idea"

"We need to disrupt ourselves"

"Redefine poverty: 95% of under the line in us has a car, toilet, water, cell phone. IS not all about capital distribution"


Ray Kurzweil

"The only person that can declare your project a failure is you."

“I think machines are people too”

"Nowadays tools for changing the world are in everybodies hands"

"A kid with a smartphone has access to more information than the us president 15 years ago"

"The power of exponential growth is not intuitive, that's why the future is surprising"

"We have the resources to solve ancient problems with exponential technology"

"Find your mission: imagine yourselves in the future explaining how did you solve that problem"

"More population is working."