lunes, 25 de junio de 2012

Digital biology - Life under Moore's law (by Raymond McCauley)

"Data DNA sequencing broke down because it cannot process the flow of data that it was receiving"

"Looks cute, sequence it. Tastes good, sequence it"

"They are backing up the biodiversity of china"

"150.000X improvement in DNA sequencing over 12 years"

"In 2014 will be the same price to sequence a genome as to get chest X-Ray, in 2016 it will be cheaper than buying a pizza. By 2020 it will be about a 1 cent"

"DNA sequencing technology is improved between 5-10X a year"

"Informatics is the bottleneck for improving the DNA sequencing"

"Brilliants minds are sometime brilliant wrong"

"More tools in more hands, we will see more breakthroughs"

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