martes, 19 de junio de 2012

Quotes from the "Meeting with founders" session:

Peter Diamandis

"We are living in a time that's very unique: world's biggest problems are the world's biggest market opportunities (solve a problem, become a millionaire)"

"Change the way you think about the world"

"Nowadays individuals can play at the level that only corporations and nations could play in the past thanks to exponential technology"

"Anythingh before being a breakthrough is a crazy idea"

"We need to disrupt ourselves"

"Redefine poverty: 95% of under the line in us has a car, toilet, water, cell phone. IS not all about capital distribution"


Ray Kurzweil

"The only person that can declare your project a failure is you."

“I think machines are people too”

"Nowadays tools for changing the world are in everybodies hands"

"A kid with a smartphone has access to more information than the us president 15 years ago"

"The power of exponential growth is not intuitive, that's why the future is surprising"

"We have the resources to solve ancient problems with exponential technology"

"Find your mission: imagine yourselves in the future explaining how did you solve that problem"

"More population is working." 

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