viernes, 29 de junio de 2012

Security Grand Challenge

Kenneth Geers

“Cyber is the perfect tool to cut critical communications at the right moment in time.”

“Wikileak is the new pen, stuxnet the new sword.”

“The lifetime of a secret is shorter than ever. Information itself is a weapon.”

“Stuxnet show that cyberattacks can do real physical damage.”

“Wide variety of robots are being used for warfare.”

“Everything in a regular army have it's correlation in cyberwarfare.”
  • Combat engineer = software developer, etc
  • Infantry = network penetrator
  • Weapons = information
  • HUMINT = social engineer
  • Intelligence = intelligence
  • Special forces = special forces
  • Tents = clients, Servers
“If you are targeted by a professional organization, you are done. They will get in your systems and personal information.”

“Now cybewar is more cyber-spionage.”

Dr. Scott Sherman

“All the people around me study AI (Artificial Intelligence”, I study NS (natural stupidity).

“Often times education leads to catastrophes.”

“A person with 100IQ today would be considered a genius in 1985.”

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