miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012

Notes from Space

Creating a Multi-planetary Civilization (Bob Richards)

"It's important to be a multi-planet species. Occasionally, something bad happens. Just ask the dinosaurs"

"Moon can be the 8th continent the size of the americas, largeley unexplored, full of resources and opportunities"

"Terraforming may not be the answer... maybe we need to make humans more Mars-like."

"The cafe on the moon will have great food, but no atmosphere"

"If no other form of life exist in the galaxy, what a tremendous waste of space”

"It's not just about taking bold steps off the planet, it's about boldly staying."

"Big returns may come in 15 - 20 years following the mining of water on the moon. (Water is the base for rocket fuel - hydrogen)"

"There’s a false perception that a lot of money is spent on space. Space exploration is an investment."

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